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Founded by Tom Webster in 1997, Lineworks, Inc. is a service-based computer imaging company based in Boise, Idaho.

Since its beginning, Lineworks mission has remained the same: to help educational publishers, technical communicators and legal professionals with their visual needs in the form of accurate, well-rendered electronic artwork.

Subject matter expertise
The artists at Lineworks have created artwork for nearly every subject found in a university bookstore. From astronomy to zoology, our artists have an understanding of what is to be drawn and are able to converse intelligently with authors and editors about their art programs and individual pieces of art. Also, decades of experience and a deep understanding of how best to render complicated technical procedures allow the artists and animators at Lineworks to more easily help end users make sense of difficult hardware remove and replace manuals.

Software expertise
Our 2D illustration work and 3D modeling and animations are created using award winning software from Adobe Creative Suite® as well as Form•Z®, ElectricImage®, Right Hemisphere® and Okino® to name a few. Also, we know the net inside and out and can create HTML browser-based web-portals where authors, editors and other artists can access and review the latest proofs for their art programs. We understand the PDF workflow and make our FTP site available to all clients for easy file transers in virtually any file format.

The bottom line
Lineworks can create artwork and dynamic animations for nearly any budget and provides estimates for all work up front so there are no back-end surprises.

Whether your job has one or 10,000 pieces or art, you will experience the same excellent client service and quality illustration and animation work.

Why not give us call and let us help you with your next project requiring scientific, technical or commercial electronic art or motion graphics.